What To Play For The PizzaBox Open: Standard

What To Play For The PizzaBox Open: Standard

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been doing well. With the Pizza Box Open: Standard (https://tinyurl.com/PBO-August-13th) happening this Sunday August 13th 1pm est, I thought I’d go over the decks to play in Standard. There is still time to sign up for this...
MagicJank Explorer Best Decks

MagicJank Explorer Best Decks

If you missed last week’s article I suggest you give it a read as I cover almost all the decks in Explorer: https://tinyurl.com/Explorer-Overview With Qualifier Play Ins this weekend, in this article I’m going over what I think are the best decks to play....
MagicJank Explorer Overview

MagicJank Explorer Overview

Explorer is a deep format that rewards players for knowing their deck & match ups. With a wide range of decks in Aggro, Midrange, Control, & Combo the formats showcases the variety of options available. MTG Arena has the Explorer Metagame Challenge this Friday...
MagicJank Tournament Report Aug. 6th By @HollywoodPizza

MagicJank Tournament Report July 16th

Hello everyone! My name is Efrain. I go by Hollywood Pizza on the internet & I host the Pizza Box Tournaments. In my first article for MagicJank.com I’ll be going over this past Sunday’s Pizza Box Open: Standard. A little bit about me, I started...
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