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Which Cryptocurrencies are accepted?

Currently we accept the use of the following cryptocurrencies on our site.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ApeCoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Tether (USDT), & USD Coin (USDC). We hope to offer many other cyrpto options in the future. If you have a specific coin you would like us to add, please contact us and we will check into getting your suggestion added. The list of accepted coins may change at any time based on our terms & conditions.

What is the Refund Policy?

Refunds are availble on items sold by MagicJank. Just look for the “Sold By: Magic Jank” seller information to confirm. A 30 day money back gaurantee applies to all store sold items.

For other Magicjank Vendors it will be available if the seller chooses that option. Offering refunds and providing quality services to others will increase your seller ratings so it is highly encouraged. is in no way responsible for any refunds on any items by others vendors or sellers. We only provide refunds on items sold directly by us. Please check your sellers info to determine who you are buying from and who you would like to make a purchase from.

Refunds with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are possible in the normally understood manner with all MagicJank store sold items. Please ensure your return crypto address is correct or funds could be lost and no other transactions will be made to fix that. Crypto refunds from vendors will still be only applicable if the seller offers refunds, and manually sends the funds back, in some cases minus transaction fess, on whichever blockchain it is.

To be clear, if no refund is offered from a vendor, and you purchase an item with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, those sales are final unless the seller manually returns the funds after any complaints are made to them. will not be an intermediary in any situations besides situations which involve products we sell directly. You can report any problems with other vendors/sellers to MagicJank so we can review and possibly remove them.

What are the vendor/marketplace store fee's? store fees for vendors (sellers) in the marketplace currently is 8.5% on any auctions or buy now items. That helps us cover costs for payment processing and continue to host and maintain the website. Under our terms of service we are able to change fee’s at any time for any reason but, we aim to keep our fee’s at an industry standard low’s and maintain that as best as possible. Example: you create a vendor/marketplace account and sell a card for $20. The vendor/marketplace fee would be 8.5% on $20. Our competitors charge up to 10.5%.

Shipping & Processing?


The store direct line of products currently are using FREE SHIPPING for Members & orders of $199+ only. For all other customers, keep an eye out for special deals, and review all shipping charges when looking to make a purchase. Shipping for all store items have an average estimated shipping time of 3-7 days in the US.

Shipping for other MagicJank Vendors in the Marketplace is determined by the vendor/seller. They can offer FREE SHIPPING or decide to charge a fee to cover their shipping costs. Sellers can print shipping labels from viewable orders on the site and get their packages out the door. Buyers, please review the shipping info and prices from each seller and determine if the shipping options work for you. is not responsible for any shipping issues unless directly buying products from the store line of products.



The store provides priority shipping for members only. Get your orders moved to the front of the line by becoming a registered MagicJank member. All other orders will be filled in the order they arrived. Processing can take 1-3 days.

The actual processing of orders on the site are done automatically with info and instructions on how to make payments with the payment options that are available. Buyers and sellers can easily sell and buy like they would on any other sites which makes connecting with other gamers for buying and selling cards from each other easy.

Why does the vendor seller rating matter?

A vendor selling rating is important for buyers when making a decision on who to trust to buy from. If seller ratings are high with many reviews left, you can assume that is a trusted and reliable seller. If ratings are blank or bad ratings are showing, you may want to look for your product from another seller. Always look at your vendor seller ratings when buying, and sellers keep working getting good ratings. is not responsible for any matters related to orders between third party buyer and sellers on the site. is only responsible to meet quality standards, provide low fees, and free shipping for products we sell directly. Always check your seller information to know who you are buying from.

How do we grade comics?

We grade comics by doing a visual inspection. Upon review comics are given a CGC comic book related grading by our team. These are near life-long persons who have been interested and following comics for most of their lives, and know what the grading levels are to the best of their abilities. MagicJank is in no way responsible for refunds or legal issues if any customers disagree with ratings that have been given by our team to comics. We believe the majority of people will agree and understand how we were able to come upon the ratings we have derived. We in no way want to boost the price of any product based on falsley hightened comic grading/ratings. This is not the way! Please feel free to ask questions before ordering if you want to learn more or get more information. CGC comic grading scales are 0-10 (.5-10). Humans do make errors so, with any comic issues feel free to contact us and we will be reasonable on a case-per-case basis. 

Vendor Setup ?'s

Registering to be a vendor is free & simple. Visit the vendor registration page here. After you register keep an eye out for our approval email and any additional information. Once approved, start selling.

Affiliate Info?

Sign up to become an affiliate and earn 4%. Members get 5%. You will need a paypal email address to get paid. Payouts are made at the end of each month. You will get a 1099 form from MagicJank, LLC for tax purposes at the beginning of each year. Please contact us if you do not get yours. Sign-up to become an affiliate here.

How to become a MJ MarketPlace vendor/seller?

It’s easy, just sign-up for a new MarketPlace vendor account, enter your infomation, and have the option to become a seller from your account settings pages. Add product info and settings to begin selling products. Create a new vendor MarketPlace account here.

How Do Auctions Work?

For auction listings with the Buy It Now option, you have the chance to purchase an item immediately, before bidding starts. After someone bids, the Buy It Now option disappears and bidding continues until the listing ends, with the item going to the highest bidder. If not enabled Buy It Now disappears after first bid has been placed.

How much value are MJ Reward points?

25 MJ Rewards points =$1.00. Get rewards for purchases, referrals, reviews, birthdays, and more. Members get more with 2x Rewards Points! Become a member here.

What do card condition abbreviations mean?

M = Mint – no visible flaws & appears never played.

NM = Near Mint – may have slight white spots on borders or slight notion of handling or playing.

LP = Lightly Played – usually have 4 small border, color, or edge issues.

MP = Moderately Played – will be visibly noticeable that it was played. Usually it will have a couple of white spots at the corners or around the border. The surface may have minor scratches, that are visible upon closer inspection. However, the card cannot be graded lightly played if the creases are so deep that they are visible upon first sight.

HP = Heavily Played – looks extremely bad, and it is doubtful if the card is tournament legal even in a sleeved deck. However, the card has not been tampered with otherwise.

D = Damaged – is literally destroyed. It is either obviously illegal for tournament play or has been tampered with in ways that destroy its worth almost completely (inked border, bent, random scribblings on the card, etc.).

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a great way to buy and sell magic the gathering cards for the best rates between everyday Magic Gamers. Our live auctions, buy now options, and industry low fees help us stand out in the crowd as leaders with innovative ways to earn money and find the cards you want for your collection.

Our Vision

Let Magic The Gathering Gamers be their own store and have access to other gamers stores to buy and sell cards between each other directly and easily. Now with crypto payments we add another option to the toolbox on how you can buy and sell cards.

Our Values

Create an open market for passionate gamers to gather and buy and sell between each other directly. MTG Passion, Transparancy, Community, Ease-of-Use, and many different buy and sell options are the values we are hoping to promote with our site.


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