HamHocks42 Custom Commander Deck – Zevlor, Jank Exile


Zevlor, Jank Exile Commander Deck

  • Legendary Creature — Zevlor, Elturel Exile
  • When You cast an instant or sorcery for each other opponent choose that player or a permanent they control & copy that spell.
  • Custom made deck by & from HamHocks42 & MagicJank.com card collections.
  • Comes with BCW Combo Pack – Inner Sleeves and Elite2 Deck Protectors – Black included.
  • Cards range from NM (Near Mint) to LP (Lightly Played). Near Mint for all newer set cards.

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From the mind of HamHocks42 comes this amazing Janky Zevlor, Jank Exile Commander Deck

Get amped up in power and style with this HamHocks42 custom built commander deck ready to go with BCW Deck Box & Elite 2 Deck Protector Sleeves in Black Color.

Full Deck List: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/3U3Nj6OVYUONVHE9D_I4zQ

Check back for other custom built commander decks from HamHocks42 & the MagicJank.com team.

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