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damienF16 Sponsored Streamer

Magic The Gathering Gamer & Content Creator

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damienF16 Gamer & Content Creator

Damien is a television and voice actor turned streamer from Canada. A die-hard gamer, Damien has been playing Magic: the gathering for almost 30 years, as well as every other type of game, from card games to board games to video games!! Always challenging himself by playing on the hardest difficulties, striving to learn and improve his play regardless of which game he’s sinking his teeth into, Damien makes it his mission to try and share all of his gaming knowledge and experience with his community and the world at large!

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F.A.Q. & Contact Info

Favorite Food?


Favorite Magic Format

Pauper Commander

Do I have any pets?

Yes, a dog named Neo

Your Favorite Card in The Bro's War?

Hostile Negotiations

How can I play you in a game of Magic?

Jump into my stream and say hi, add me on Magic Arena, and spend some channel points to challenge me!

What's your favorite Color combos?

Esper or Grixis

Average Streaming Hours

M-S on average during weekdays. Check my twtich stream for more info.


Where To Connect




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