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Magic The Gathering Gamer & Content Creator

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HeadologyMagic Gamer & Content Creator

My name is Ariana. I stream Magic: The Gathering Online and Arena. I specialize in limited; draft is my love. Hit mythic every season in Limited, with current best #8. Have also made Mythic in Constructed via Standard. I adore EDH as well. Fair warning: I make mistakes. Fair warning number two: I do my best to learn from them and have fun. Hopefully you will too!

F.A.Q. & Contact Info

Favorite Food?

 I guess my family’s special recipe mac and cheese.

Favorite Magic Format?

EDH and Draft.

Do I have any pets?

I have two black cats, Arwen (14, very sweet, tiny pile of neuroses) and Haldir (2, sweet to people, right jerk to Arwen).

Favorite Card in Dominaria United?

Balmor. We have a love/hate relationship. I love to see it on my side of the board and hate it staring me down. Wingmantle is a close second — pure Hitchcock. THE BIRBS.

How can I play you in a game of Magic?

Join me on or MTGArena. Learn more when you check it out.

What's your favorite Color combos?

 I love all the colors and color pairs and shards and wedges and fours (nephilims? we should have a name for this) and five-color jank. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and general craziness. 

Average Streaming Hours

usually evenings sometimes late night.

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