MTG Deckmaster Garfield vs Finkel Gift Box


  • Manufacturer: WOTC
  • Product: Magic the Gathering
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  • UPC/Barcode: 076930882900
  • Release Date: December 1st, 2001

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The Magic: The Gathering – Deckmasters box set showcases the ultimate battle of wits. Richard Garfield, the legendary creator of Magic, faces off against Jon Finkel, a Magic World Champion and legend in the making. Which one is smarter? Which one is sneakier? Which one will win? Play the decks they personally designed – decks specifically built to beat the stuffing out of each other – and decide for yourself.

In addition to the two 62 card prebuilt decks, you also receive:

Two 20-sided SpindownTM life counters, with the Deckmasters symbol in place of the 20.
A 10-by-14 inch poster of Lhurgoyf fighting Goblin Mutant
A full-color booklet containing decklists, expert analysis, biographies, behind-the-scenes stories, and more
Plus, you can use the sturdy, embossed metal Deckmasters case as a card box: it can hold over 700 cards in standard sized sleeves or eleven 60 card decks

2 Storm Shaman C
2 Fyndhorn Elves C
2 Balduvian Bears C
2 Woolly Spider C
1 Lhurgoyf R
2 Yavimaya Ants U
1 Folk of the Pines C
1 Elvish Bard U
2 Yavimaya Ancients C
2 Giant Trap Door Spider U
2 Phyrexian War Beast C
2 Walking Wall U
2 Death Spark U
2 Incinerate C
1 Shatter C
1 Pillage U
1 Jokulhaups R
2 Lava Burst C
2 Giant Growth C
1 Bounty of the Hunt U
1 Hurricane U
2 Barbed Sextant C
1 Elkin Bottle R
12 Mountain L
12 Forest L
1 Karplusan Forest R


2 Foul Familiar C
2 Lim-Dul’s High Guard C
2 Phantasmal Fiend C
2 Abyssal Specter U
2 Storm Shaman C
2 Orcish Cannoneers U
1 Balduvian Horde R
2 Goblin Mutant U
2 Phyrexian War Beast C
2 Dark Ritual C
2 Dark Banishing C
1 Necropotence R
2 Contagion U
2 Soul Burn C
2 Guerilla Tactics C
2 Incinerate C
2 Pyroclasm U
2 Lava Burst C
2 Icy Manipulator U
12 Swamp L
12 Mountain L
1 Sulfurous Springs R
1 Underground River R

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