If you missed last week’s article I suggest you give it a read as I cover almost all the decks in Explorer: https://tinyurl.com/Explorer-Overview With Qualifier Play Ins this weekend, in this article I’m going over what I think are the best decks to play. Don’t forget we have this Sunday’s Pizza Box Open: Explorer happening. Free to play with $500 in cash prizes on the line: https://tinyurl.com/PBO-August-6th


Rakdos Midrange



Still one of the best decks in the format expect to see a ton Rakdos Midrange this weekend. Efficient removal spells backed by better than rate creatures give any deck problems. Thoughseize can win the game by itself if an opponent keeps a loose hand. All in one cards like Liliana of the Veil & Fable of the Mirror-Breaker give the deck staying power. Be on the lookout for this format powerhouse.


Izzet Creativity



Izzet creativity continues to be a strong choice for a combo deck in the format all while being a controlling deck. Early interaction in Fiery Impulse & make disappear make the opponents hope fade away. Card advantage engines in Big Score & Fable of the Mirror-Breaker allow the deck to dig into an Indomitable Creativity to then hit for 30 damage in one turn with Worldspine Wurm & Xenagos, God of Revels. Creativity is a powerful, consistent choice for this weekend’s events.


Mono White Aggro



The best aggro deck in the format has unbeatable draws & late game reach with cards like Brave the Elements. Thalia disrupts a high volume of the decks in the format. Coppercoat Vanguard has been a huge addition to the deck adding protection and a pump effect. Recruitment Officer & Castle Ardenvale add card advantage for the late game. This deck has no problem snowballing & running over opponents. If aggro is your game this is the deck for you.


Fires of Invention w/ Enigmatic Encarnation (Keruga)



While being a Fires of Invention deck at heart, Enigmatic Encarnation adds an additional strategy the deck can attack with. Keruga helps ensure you never run out of gas & classic finishers like Kenrith, the Returned King let you go over the top & have massive turns. Grinding out most of the Midrange decks in the format, Fire of Invention continues to be a strong choice for Midrange players.


Rakdos Sacrifice



Rakdos Sacrifice always shows up in big numbers & always does well. Usually putting at least one player in the top 8 of Pizza Box Opens, Rakdos Sacrifice is a great choice if you want to grind out opponents with recursive engines & board controlling presences like Mayhem Devil. Samsoni1’s decklist above is my personal suggestion for one of the most optimal versions of the deck.


Gruul Midrange



A great option for anyone who likes grindy games but prefers an aggressive edge. Voldaren Thrillseeker coupled with The Akroan War can give the deck news ways to deal with threats all while giving the deck some reach by flinging a Lovestruck Beast at the opponents face. Gruul Boats took down the most recent Pizza Box Open: Explorer so be on the lookout for this deck.


My Choices for this weekend:


Mono Green Devotion



Consistently powerful Mono Green Devotion is the top tier Midrange deck. Mana acceleration into beefy threats with inevitable late game from tool box all star Karn, the Great Creator give the deck so many ways to end the game. Storm the Festival either continues the value train or gives you the final game ending pieces you are missing to make a ton of mana. Expect to see this deck a lot this weekend.


Boros Heroic



Boros Heroic is an underplayed & underrated deck. Taking down a previous Pizza Box Open the competitive pedigree is there. This weekend may be the time for this deck to truly shine. Explosive starts from threats like Favored Hoplite & Tenth District Legionaire the deck has no problem ending the game quick. Skrelv, Defector Mite give the deck additional reach by making your creatures unblockable or giving consistent protection from removal spells. Reckless Rage is a huge removal spell for the deck as well. Illuminator Virtuoso churns through the deck finding more one mana cantrips. This is a deck that can surprise many opponents while giving you staying power in later rounds or as you get deeper in events.


Abzan Greasefang



Greasefang is still king of the Combo streets in Explorer. This deck can put 13 attacking power on the board as early as turn 3. Some versions play Stitcher Supplier and can go off as early as turn 2! Esika’s Chariot is a not only a combo payoff but also just a great value Midrange card. This is not a deck to take lightly. Make sure you are packing some sideboard options in both artifact & graveyard hate to combat the many ways this deck can win.


Hopefully this article can give you more of an idea of what the best decks in Explorer bring to the table. Always remember formats like Explorer tend to lean towards players who know their deck inside out & also having a large understanding of the metagame. Good luck & have fun in any events you are playing this weekend! Find me on Twitter @pizzagoyf & on twitch: https://tinyurl.com/HOLLYWOODPIZZA-TWITCH

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